Arctic Delicatessen


Our Artic Delicatessen represents the ultimate in Mobile Catering, offering a delicious and varied selection


  • Hot Chips With Tomato Sauce & Vinegar

  • Hot Dog with Sauce

  • American Hot Dogs with Onion Mustard & Sauce

  • Ham Salad & Egg Burgers

  • Bacon & Egg Rolls

  • Rump Steak & Onion Sandwiches or Wraps

  • Hot Donuts with Cinnamon

  • Nachos & Sour Cream

  • Deli Rolls Toasted or Fresh Served with Your choice of Meats, Cheese & Salads

  • Fresh Fruit Pottles

  • Fresh Green Garden Salad Pottles

  • Assorted Espresso Coffees

  • Cold Drink Range

  • Soft Serve Ice Creams

  • Single or Double Cones

  • Ice Cream Sundaes With Strawberry or Chocolate Sauce, Cream, Wafers & 100’s & 1000’s

All menus are interchangeable and food items can be added or taken off to suit the event, we also provide our canteens for private functions